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    Bad Yeti Media was founded on an idea from 2015 as a series of video game podcasts, where our founding group would gather weekly to discuss the latest trends in tech and the gaming industry. From this seed, grew a higher interest, knowledge, and ability to provide media services throughout the industry. We have a team of professionals that are dedicated to resolving your media needs with solutions using our experience, expertise and the latest tech. Our services currently cover an entire array of media and business solutions including: social media setup, custom shirts and decals, a podcast network and audio editing services, We also do voice over for advertisement, video game reviews, event coverage, and much more.


    Today, we are proud to provide these services and look forward to working with you or your team on your next project, event, story, digital recording and any other sort of venture that you may endeavor. We look forward to the future and hope that we can play an integral role in these ventures with you now, and also for years to come. We understand the value of your business and work hard everyday on each project to make sure that we are delivering services that we are proud to deliver to our customers. We appreciate your referrals and will make certain that we maintain the same level of integrity and value to your friends and family as we will provide to each and every one of you. Our customer service is now, and has always been a point of pride for us. We intend to keep it that way.


    Bad Yeti Media LLC.

    1700 Market Dr. #805
    Fairview, OR 97024

    Ph: 503-200-8748



    Bad Yeti Media abides by NPPA.ORG regulations and a strict code of ethics. For more information visit www.nppa.org
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