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    Bad Yeti Media LLC. is a media production and design company based out of Portland, OR. We create, design and produce media projects including audio, logos, t-shirts, decals, and web graphics. We also have an audio network that produces podcasts, commercials, audiobooks and voiceovers. Have an idea that you need produced? Need an event covered or a mobile podcast setup at an event or convention? We can help. We have a crack-team of individuals that are skilled at all designated positions here to help. If you have questions or an inquiry, please contact us for more information. Check out our other pages and categories for more information on our services.

    PAX 2017 - Seattle, WA

    We PAX'd it so hard this year! Click here to check out what our trip to Seattle's premier gaming expo was like in 2017.


    RCCC - Portland, OR

    We will be attending the Rose City Comic Con this year and covering the event. We are looking forward to posting many pictures and even some video for RCCC in September of this year. We will also be attending PRGE later with our partners from Kismet.

    PRGE - Portland, OR

    We had the opportunity this year to attend PRGE with our partners from Kismet. We had a great time and saw lots of interesting sights. Check out the photos here.

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